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Counter-strike source zombie mod

Shko poshtë

Counter-strike source zombie mod

Mesazh  jurg3n prej Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:08 am

Counter-strike source zombie mod

Each player ubistvo for zombies, or infected person is given a certain number
of points! At that a zombie can change these glasses on Antidote (If you are zombie
and use Antidote … you cure from the virus and again cheloveokom) or Infiktsionnaya
grenade (It can infect several human players scattering kinuv it in or close to
the people! Also good to use it when many people sit on 1 or in hard to reach
place for zombies).

Year: 2009
Genre: Fps, Action
Developer: valve
Publisher: kvinto

System requirements:
Processor 2.4 GHz
Windows 2000, XP
512 MB of RAM
Video card that supports DirectX 9
Mouse, keyboard
Sound card
Internet connection

Processor 1.2 GHz
Windows 2000, XP
256 MB of RAM
Video card with support DirectX 7
Mouse, keyboard
Sound card
Internet connection

Type of publication: piratka
Language: Russian only
??????? Language: English
Tabletka: Not required

The main objectives of the players:
The main objective of people – quickly (no more than 20 seconds) to find shelter,
which can be lasted until the end of round (there are special cards zm_maps)
discouraging from zombie.
The main objective of Zombies – in time for the Round to infect all people.

The main objectives of the players on maps Zombie Escape:
Zombie Escape – recently introduced the concept of ZE is the need to run from
point respauna to saving a certain point (eg, helicopter, train or boat) for
some time, otherwise the player does not run up to the point, die. Path to the
final point does not contain a large number of shelters, but there are obstacles,
so the main tactic – Run, otbros shot zombies, run farther. " It should
be noted that these cards can usually be found various means of transport.
!!!!! Site Chernobyl is .!!!!
our server (Beeline network)
our server (internet) rezor.servegame.com
In this version bugs profiksheny vylozhenoy earlier (eg in CP zombie writes
real meaning), downloaded a lot of cards, etc.
Installation: Simply rozarhiviruyte and play
Note that if pishte remove the virus in the game Counter-Strike (Zombie MOD).
Exe (only then you will need to run through the Counter-Strike (Zombie MOD).
in fact there is no virus it’s just Counter-Strike (Zombie MOD). bat compiled
program Quick Batch File Compiler
Additional Information:
!!!!! Site Chernobyl is .!!!!
our server (Beeline network)
our server (internet) rezor.servegame.com
In this version bugs profiksheny vylozhenoy earlier (eg in CP zombie writes
real meaning), downloaded a lot of cards, etc.
Just rozarhiviruyte and play

Download: Copy Below Links and Past in Browser.

rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part01.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part02.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part03.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part04.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part05.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part06.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part07.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part08.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part09.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part10.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part11.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part12.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part13.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part14.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part15.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part16.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part17.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part18.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part19.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part20.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part21.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part22.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part23.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part24.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part25.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part26.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part27.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part28.rar
rapidshare.com CSS_ZM.nymphetamine.part29.rar

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